NFL Betting: Lessons from Giants Camp 2015

New York Giants O line

New York Giants camp is under way and the expectations for a good season couldn’t be any bigger. After going 6-10 last season with some respectable showings from the offense but also some notorious slips from the defense, New York has to gear up and come back swinging in 2015. This camp and off season has had the most hype surrounding a Giants season among critics and NFL Betting fans since 2008, and for good reason. Odell Beckham Jr. He’s a transcendent talent that will draw eyes to the screen regardless of the team’s winning or loosing ways. At least now he can feel a little bit safer because he’ll be surrounded by a promising cast of wide receivers.

Victor Cruz 2015

With guys like Victor Cruz coming back, hopefully in 100% health and preparation and Rueben Randle, ODB Jr should be able to play a little bit freer while the other receivers try to snatch covers away from him. The only problem, of course, is whether or not Eli Manning will have time to get them all the football.

The Giants’ offensive line takes shots year after year, and in most cases end up playing well beyond initial expectations. But during the first practices of the 2015 Giants training camp, injuries big and small have been chopping down the original plans of improvement. A Giants offensive line of Justin Pugh, Adam Gettis, Dallas Reynolds, John Jerry and Marshall Newhouse was the one practicing the last day of practices due to injuries. Now given the fact that Giants’s O lines do really get a lot of heat from fans, critics and everything in between, this list of names differs in a pretty big way from the expected starters.

Giants WR's

On the offensive side  Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo could very well be a head coach in the NFL next year, especially if he handles the potentially dynamic combination of Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham, Rueben Randle, Dwayne Harris and James Jones the right way. The Giants have been bringing back some classic old pick plays on top of some new wave designs that actually have a Kevin Gilbride element to them.

It’s going to be vertical. Some might think and speculate that this offense will only go as far as Rueben Randle can take them, though. As a former second-round pick with tremendous size and speed, Randle should be able to play at his will and dominate in single coverage. Last season saw him post career best totals of 127 targets,71 catches and 938 yards.

Eli Manning 2015

And then there is Eli Manning. A definite difference in the way Manning presents himself can be seen and felt this year. Though last season saw former Superbowl champ Manning struggle to find a groove in his passing game, mainly because of his offensive partners, but even though there was a feeling that this was an offense he’d need to grow with. Now, he has the feel of a 2012 Manning, a far more relaxed quarterback that has mastered his offense. He’s certainly playing like it. In the same line of projected work for the season McAdoo has done a nice job incorporating some of the throws Manning is best at. This could easily be a top 10 offense this year if their offensive line holds up.



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