NFL Betting: Keys for a good defensive season in the Giants

In a team where their Head Coach Tom Coughlin and star QB Eli Manning have been under the gun for the team’s recent poor performances the question in doubt now is, where will help come from for this team and which areas need the most improvement coming into the 2015 season? The answer is not really surprising, the defense needs the most improvement. When talking about the Giants there is a lot we know. for example that Manning and the offense is going to put up some big time yards and points on the scoreboard. What NFL Betting fans and we don’t know is how the defense will fair going into the 2015 season.


Pass Rushing

When you have problems on the defense the best way to cover them up is to apply some really good pass rush. With the uncertainty around Jason Pierre-Paul, who is unquestionably the most talented pass rusher the Giants have, it makes the pass rush a minor concern. Pierre-Paul has not allowed the Giants’ medical and training staff to examine him since his 4th of July firework related accident, and there has been some frustration on the team’s end about the uncertainty resulting off the situation.

JPP Giants 2014

At the time of his July 8 surgeries that amputated the finger and repaired fractures in the right thumb, the expected recovery time was six weeks. Only four weeks have gone by so it seems most likely that he will be staying away until he’s completely healthy. This also brings up the situation that until he doesn’t feel completely healthy, he will not be talking in any way to the NY Giants about showing up to camp for at least two more weeks. Until then, well, patience is the best weapon.

Stopping the Run

Let’s be real about something the Giants couldn’t stop anything last season but their run defense was some kind of a joke. The Giants ended up giving up an average of 4.9 yards per carry and really got beat up bad for big plays. The Giants had the hardest time getting teams off the field last season because of this. Yes maybe their 6-10 record was not as horrible as it could have been but it was not thanks to their great run defense and this record could be repeated history if the Giants don’t figure out how to stop the run.

Jon Beason NY Giants

Much of the run defense is dependent on the linebackers. With Jon Beason getting injured the Giants run defense struggled hard. Devon Kennard did show a lot of promise as an outside linebacker but overall the linebacker group wasn’t great, not even that good. The Giants need Beason to stay healthy. This new season does appear to have signs of improvement and promises of way better performances. For example pairing Jonathan Hankins and Kenrick Ellis together should provide a lot of space eating in the middle of the defense. This will make the linebackers’ jobs easier. Adding J.T. Thomas could be huge for the run defense and Landon Collins is as physical in the box as any top tier safety in football. This all sound great, marvelous, but with the Giants seeing is believing.





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